People claim I’m for “gun rights” every where I go. But…

Does anyone besides me find that claim a little odd?

Words have meaning.  Every.  Single. One.  Of.  Them…  So when you see a media article that uses the phrase ‘gun rights’ in the article, or worse yet in the title, what can you and I assume about the author?  If you were murmuring, “they don’t know their ass from their elbow” you’d be correct.

Here’s how it should have been written:  “People’s Rights”

God doesn’t have anything to say about the inherent rights of lumber.  Science doesn’t have a mention for the unalienable rights of limestone.  People do have rights however.  And they’re supremely important.  The tools we choose aren’t the point, but the media either doesn’t understand that or deliberately shifts away from the real issue.  They successfully conveyed a negative connotation with all things “gun” so they love using that word every chance they get.  I truly believe they don’t understand the issue at it’s core regardless.  If they did, they’d understand the 2nd Amendment and the virtues stemming from it are for everyone.  I don’t care how you vote or if you vote.  These rights and liberties are for you.  They’re granted on High and protected by man’s law.

The next time you hear “gun rights” you should be correcting that person and say something along the lines of, “No sir, this isn’t ‘gun rights’ we’re discussing.  We’re talking about the very basest of human rights, and they’re for everyone, not just the folks who agree with you or I.  The decision to exercise those rights are for each person to decide for themselves, not for others to grant or deny.”

Use your “BS Detectors” often my friends.  Catch those small things, because they are today’s mole hills that others build into mountains.