At Controlled Chaos Arms, we find the true value in only the most authentic, thorough, and quantifiable training techniques and methods available. Training is rich with claims these days and light on substance that applies to the real world.  Gimmicks have become common, so we seek to offer only the best.  Simply put, if it isn’t genuine quality instruction, we won’t suggest, promote, or offer it.


In the past, we offered the benefit to customers of having our trainers right under the CCA roof and both Rick and Romp were available for courses offered by Controlled Chaos Arms.  Both Rick and Romp have moved on to build up their own programs and follow their passion for instruction – both in terms of what instruction they take and in terms of what they offer to others.  We wish them both the very best and enjoy working with them when we can.  Rick Largesse has gone on to start his own training company, SSV Concepts.  Both Rick and Romp have a long track record for quality instruction.  Seek them out for your needs.