Marches, Blissful Ignorance, and the Future…

If you participate in a march or walk-out of any kind, doesn’t that require you actually KNOW exactly and acutely all the facets surrounding your participation?

So…. What happens if you don’t know any, most, or all of the particulars? As far as you and I are concerned, that’s willful ignorance by very definition. However, the true casualty of that experience is trust. With no small amount of irony, the beguiled don’t even know their trust has been shattered at the moment. It usually comes later when they realize they’ve been used.

Sadly too few actually grasp they’ve been manipulated for someone else’s gain.

We must ask ourselves not only what is the march about, what are the facts, what is the truth, but also who gains from the march, and ultimately who uses us to achieve the outcome.

The vile and repugnant method in which our youth are being used in this fight against liberty is equaled only by the level of disdain these abusers hold for the search and attainment of that which is true.

You should guard carefully free thought and execution thereof. What is being created is the exact opposite and it is far more concerning than you may think. This has now been taken to the next obvious level and it isn’t too late to strive for better with you and yours… Be critical and thorough. Know and understand both our points of contention and the other side’s in kind. If you don’t, you’re risking heavily I might add, becoming their antithesis rather than a cure. …And woefully, they’re not even remotely similar…