Decoration Day (Memorial day)…

Have you ever heard the term “Decoration Day” by someone in your family or among your friends?  We used to refer to Memorial Day as “Decoration Day” for specific reasons.  Sure, we decorate the graves of others over this weekend specifically, but the core of this federal holiday is slowly becoming lost I fear and I wanted to pen a note for your contemplation.  Not for a second am I suggesting we skip placing flowers, flags, and decoration atop the graves of our loved ones, family, and friends of days gone by.  However, this holiday, rightly, is specifically tailored to honor our country’s military personnel whose lives were forfeit while serving in the United States Armed Forces. 

I make every attempt this weekend each year to think about a soldier’s personal touch on our lives as he or she lived, rather than solely how they gave their life.  I have often heard my dad refer to his then best friend, Howard Cox, who served in Vietnam.  Dad has spoken freely and often about Howard.  It has been obvious to me over the many years he and I have enjoyed together that he misses his friend.  More obvious is the fact they must have been pretty tight.  This year, as I pondered that, I decided to call my Dad up and ask for a better understanding of Howard.

Howard’s middle name, Max, was applied under grim circumstances. For his uncle, Max Cox was fighting in the Pacific during WWII. Upon his birth Howard’s folks named him Howard Max Cox after his uncle who all feared would not return from the islands alive. Fate saw otherwise, wounded and bound to a stretcher that was hidden so well in the jungle even his brothers in arms couldn’t remember where to find him, Max survived his injuries to return home to his family and infant nephew. Named in no small part for his uncle Max who was looking headlong at death during battle, it was Howard who wouldn’t return home among the living.

Lance Corporal Howard Max Cox, C CO, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, 1ST MARDIV, III MAF, United States Marine Corps was quite a character as near as I can tell.  Just about like any energetic rural Iowa farm boy, he worked hard and played hard.  Dad shared with me several stories, all of which made me smile and a few that made me chuckle.  One or two came with an asterisk of course, “You shouldn’t share that one,” Dad would giggle and mention after he was done reliving it for me…  My Dad and Howard sounded a lot like me and my buddies as he shared some of the stories – even the ‘screwdrivers’ they mixed up in college one night with vodka and orange juice that foolishly continued to be labeled ‘screwdrivers’ long after they had run out of orange juice – that sounded eerily familiar. 

Howard was a phenomenal athlete as I understand it.  He strong and sleek, as most farm boys are, and he set records in track, baseball, and football at Bedford High School in South West Iowa.  He and my dad were best friends in High School and both worked to save up some money to attend college in Maryville, MO.  Howard mowed ditches for the county and Dad worked the farm and took odd jobs to fund college.  Howard intended on becoming a coach and from what Dad describes of his intellect, drive, and leadership qualities, he’d have been a fine coach. 

I’ve attached a couple of pictures I found and Dad verified they were most certainly Howard.  Dad joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Iran for a couple of years.  A little over a year after Dad left for the Middle East, Howard joined the Marines – August of 1967.  Howard and the 5th Marines were sent into Hue City after the Tet Offensive to drive out the NVA.  The Siege of Hue, as it is often called, was a terrible and bloody prolonged battle.  Howard was wounded by small arms fire and evacuated to a military hospital in Da Nang on February 21st, 1968.  Howard died the following day at the age of 22, on the 22nd of February. 

When I showed my Dad the pictures I had found, he mentioned something profound and solemn to me.  “The first and last time I ever saw Howard in his Marine uniform, was in his casket.”  Dad had returned from two years in Iran with the Peace Corps and was headed into the Army right after Howard’s funeral.  To see your best friend in his uniform for the first and last time, laid perfectly in a coffin, as you prepare to head off to basic training must have been a very heavy lift for my Dad.  The lowering of his voice and change in timber indicated to me he was most likely thinking of standing over his friend as he mentioned that small but enormous truth to me.  Dad and I are a lot alike, and I imagine he even remembered things as subtle as the scent of the church that day, the tear-stained cheek of Gladys Cox, Howard’s biggest and most animated fan at his ball games, and certainly Kenneth’s warm handshake and embrace as a father committing his son’s body to the Earth.  Those thoughts rattle around in my head, as they are the kinds of things I too remember when I attempt to help others through their losses.  Dad uses his five senses.  As do I.  I wonder if he occasionally wishes he didn’t, just as I. 

I seek not to come across as the bummer of an otherwise great barbequing weekend for you all.  Rather, as a reminder of the incumbent responsibility on us all to consider this day in context as we remember, honor, and mourn the loss of this brotherhood of military service.  I leave you with this from the Gospel of John.  15:13 – Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Damn the man! Save the Empire!

Somewhere, right now, teams of HK engineers are laughing all the way to the bank. There can be only one logical conclusion associated with my concern. It has become apparent to me HK owns stock in copious numbers of insane asylums. There could be no other plausible reason for the complexity within these weapon systems.

The primary conduit among the residents of these facilities you ask? …They are completely inhabited by people who were all at one time happy, vibrant, and otherwise well-adjusted gunsmiths.
Systematic trauma inflicted upon them from years working within the confines of HK product gradually wore them down to little more than eye twitching nubs.

I’m unclear whether it was Edmund Heckler or Theodor Koch, who challenged the other to fit an entire grandfather clockworks into a pistol, but the resulting complexity has diminished many full grown and well-bearded men to their lowest common denominator. I for one, found myself in the fetal position just a few days ago over a VP9 that refused to accept societal norms and come apart…

As is the case with a 3rd nipple, civilization tends to turn away with veiled horror as they gaze upon frayed gunsmiths, tattered and fatigued, from years laboring elbow deep inside HK devices. In cases where many of us are found slobbering like a baby cutting teeth slumped over a once-proud bench vise, social construct is swiftly ushered in. Humanity then locks us away, out of sight, as if we’d never existed.

This is the plight of an HK smith. …And it continues to be my burden. Stay strong my brothers! Resist the temptation to succumb or capitulate to HK’s design for inherent madness. Combat their wicked and repugnant back channel revenue scheme.

In the immortal words of my favorite mid 90s film, “Empire Records” – Damn the man! Save the Empire!


Zuck, Dr John Patrick, and Michael walk into a bar…

I offer you 3 panels, all of which appear independent on the surface, but are irrevocably intertwined.

Panel 1-Zuckerberg says, “You have someone like Elizabeth Warren thinks that the right answer is to break up the companies … I mean, if she gets elected president then I would bet that we will have a legal challenge, and I would bet that we will win the legal challenge.”

Panel 2-Dr John Patrick says, “The problem with the liberal ethos is that it is parasitic on the history it denies.  It doesn’t have to have the intrinsic strength to enforce what made it work.”

Panel 3-Michael says, “Soft-nihilism is becoming the American way.  We must resist this temptation, as it is all too easy to embrace it.”

Ok…  I’ll take my lumps up front.  I, just like you, think it creepy as hell when people speak of themselves in the 3rd person format.  So, I offer you a quick apology for panel 3.  😉

That aside, apparently Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook creator and CEO, was recorded as saying Elizabeth Warren, a liberal running in the Socialist primary, was a threat to Facebook.  She believes Facebook, a private business, should be broken up into pieces.  Mark obviously doesn’t want this.  You have a socialist member of the political class threatening to shatter a private business conglomerate run by a socialist.  Only in America folks…  Only in America.

The only way people like Zuck and Warren have to voice their beliefs, run for office sputtering their campaign rhetoric and lies, manipulate the masses all while saying, “they opted into our user agreement, didn’t they?”, and manage to sleep at night rests solely on the idea that the founding principles of this country were, and are, good ideas and are necessary. 

In order for Zuck to build a company big enough to manipulate billions of people, he has to stand atop foundational conservative principles like freedom and liberty to accomplish this monumental task.  …And with that same freedom and liberty he’s built a machine in which we’re willingly addicted.  He used conservative principles to erect a structure that works only on his terms, not yours.  …And his are socialist to the core.  There is no freedom and liberty on Facebook.  Your every move is monitored and when it is deemed contrary to his “values” which is another word for “opinion,” then you’re sequestered, or worse.

What about Warren?  She’s identical.  She’ll use freedom of speech all day long to say whatever it is she wants, but when you depart from her ideology, even in the slightest, you’re judged as someone offering hate speech, or you’re branded a bigot, or labeled unkind, etc., etc., etc.  It doesn’t matter to her if what you offer comes from your heart or head.  If she doesn’t agree, much like Zuck, your ability to project your concerns shall be squashed. 

With no small irony, you have two liberal socialists using daily conservative principles to force their view of socialism on us all.  And if you think about it, using core conservative principles is the only way they can do so.  If they adhered to liberal philosophy, they’d never get a start.  Thus, they use our rules if you will, against us to accomplish the opposite.  Is that an oxymoron or what?  Where else can you find two socialists using conservative principles to further a radical liberal agenda? 

The above shore up panels 1 and 2.  The idea that nihilism is upon us isn’t quite true.  I have heard various people, including Dr. John Patrick who I quoted in panel 2, use the term soft-nihilism.  Instead of wandering around through the cosmos void of caring or religion, we simply do so on a ‘light’ basis.  Sure, we care, and we call ourselves Christian, but we really don’t do so with zeal or consistency.  When we’re being watched by our peers, we’re pretty good.  But when no human being is taking our acts to bear, we sluff it off…  I’ve read that ethics are things people do when others aren’t watching.  With ethics practiced part time, religion something we do only when convenient, and caring the thing we act on when we can get credit for it, we’re beginning to inhabit a soft-nihilist world.  And when we do that, a series of inherently poor and irreversible things come next.

I recognize that Zuck’s responses shouldn’t bother me much.  But when the opportunity presents itself to point out the paradox, I’m compelled.  I make a statement to you, and ask a question at this point.  Piss on the paradox, as it matters little.  Instead, are you going to embrace soft-nihilism or resist it?

The truth about labor day…

Labor Day…

The day everyone goes to the lake for the end of summer bash, right? Maybe you have a big huzzah in the back yard and become the pride of the neighborhood, if only for a moment, as you grill delicacies rivaled only by the fleeting visions dancing within your own mind. Or perhaps, you just nap the day away because you don’t have to work on Monday for a change.

No matter your style, you may have missed the point. The time was the 1800s and most folks in America were working 70hrs a week. Most were largely underpaid and generally overworked. The formations of unions and various organized labor began dusting things up routinely.

The Haymarket riot and the Pullman Strike managed to make unions look like crap, but ultimately got attention. So President Cleveland did what politicians do and offered an olive branch that cost the political class nothing and bamboozled us into thinking we’d won something. (That’s why there are dozens of holidays each day in America by the way. If you squawk loud enough long enough someone slick will shut you up by proclaiming an annual date as something special, while you leave hat in hand all while thinking you’ve cut a fat hog in the ass.)

The irony contained here is as deep as the Laurentian Abyss. The ‘factory’ worker today is supposed to enjoy a 40hr week and plenty of paid leave. That is the case in some aspects, but rarely the way it plays out. Additionally, the person working for himself isn’t much different today as he was in the 1800s. I’m working 70hrs a week and I know many of you are. More over, when the majority of the country isn’t working on this holiday, the minority are forced to. Adding insult to injury, they’re probably pulling a long shift as well.

Ahhh, Labor Day. I like you. A lot. But let’s be honest about it. It’s a made up holiday by an arguably below average President. No matter what you may think, this country was built on hard work and plenty of it. I know few places on this planet that hard work and perseverance can actually pay dividends, but this is the best of which I’m aware.

So while you’re boating, grilling, and napping, think not about the union or the worker even, and instead concentrate on the idea of hard work and what it means. If and when you master that, you’ll have accomplished something. This holiday conjured from thin air to silence the cries for decency is more about the ideology behind work, as an ethos, than anything else, as it should be. Your work is a projection of attitude and almost mimics a set of quantifiable values. So make sure you understand what work is and do it well.

If you really want to your noodle baked, begin by asking yourself what ‘work’ is when applied to things besides what you do to earn the cheddar… Are you working well when you run the vacuum for your wife? How about the way you present your work when your child is the audience? …And what about the zeal you demonstrate when working on behalf of Christ?

Work means something. It truly is huge. You better have a firm grasp of what work is and isn’t, and how it is to be accomplished, if you intend to make good use of your limited time here. Ruminate on that a bit today between boat rides, burgers, and blissful yawns…

Thank you my friends… 

RED FLAG LAWS? Good bye rights and decency. Or maybe…

“Red Flag Laws” are the latest wave to crash over us here in America.  Simply explained, a person who levies a complaint against another can go before the court and a judge can then strip the accused of his or her rights and possessions. Most often, the accused is not even notified of the proceedings, much less given an opportunity to testify in their own defense.  Only after a confiscation order has been executed will he or she have an opportunity – perhaps up to two weeks later – to hire a lawyer and appear before a judge to protest the action. Put the issue of the Second Amendment and due process aside, and think long and hard about what I described above.  Can you think of any way that scenario could slide horribly sideways? 

While I’m sure it has never happened, do you think there are some ex-spouses or former live-ins with an axe to grind who just might conjure or embellish a story in order to inflict harm and/or exact revenge on their former significant other?  Yeah…  You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone with that precise life experience.  To be accused is one thing, but to have your rights removed without due process is to trash the founding principles of our nation. 

I want safety and security just as much, and many times more, than most of my opposition.  The problem is, I’m honest about it.  The other side?  Rarely.  They make up statistics and stick to them like glue.  With no small irony, we have them to thank for the policies which directly lead to all this trouble in our culture.  When a tragedy befalls America, you can count on a Rahm Emanuel-type to, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Maybe we shouldn’t kick God out of everything.  After all, ethics are a pretty big deal and when you no longer know where ethics come from and aren’t taught and use ethics, you’re in big trouble.  Even if you’re not religious, the understanding of right and wrong matter supremely.  I’m sorry, but you’re not going to pick up crucial ideologies from YouTube. 

Possibly, the systemic corrosion of the nuclear family through social attack, bad legislation, atrocious court rulings, and general intellectual promiscuity are really lousy things to do.  When we devalue family in every way possible, is it any surprise when we learn the family lives of those who sought to do great harm was akin to a train wreck?

Maybe, just maybe, the deconstruction of community has been ignorant and silly.  When class warfare, weaponization of the races, sexism as a form of power, perpetual arrangements for the purposes of self-indulgence, and homes lacking both parents are the norm, we’ve really screwed up.

You can pass any red flag law you want, but it’s a completely flawed premise and will never actually achieve its goal in any quantifiable sense.  Why?  When the dust settles in the court room, the rights have been removed, the weapons have been confiscated, and everyone takes a deep breath, do you know what is left in place to stop someone from doing others gratuitous harm?  …A piece of paper.

We’ve stigmatized mental illness in this country to the point where individuals are embarrassed or ashamed to seek any kind of help or treatment.  If someone truly is a danger to themselves or others to the point the state confiscates their possessions and removes their rights, no further damage could possibly result after a red flag order has been served, right?  No. 

Adding insult to injury, we’re also treading deeply into uncharted waters.  I have yet to find a judge that was also a trained, licensed, and well-practiced psychiatrist.  Should any of us have any comfort with a judge, whose proclivities deeply trend towards erring on the side of safety, having the keys to the mental health kingdom?  We’ve seen numbers varying in states from 65% to 95% for granting these orders.  We should all have a fundamental problem with a judge deciding what mental illness is for others, and a public that tosses that critical diagnosis around so freely. 

Will that document stop anyone from finding a million other ways to lash out?  No.  We’re creating a false sense of security for Americans in the same way those utterly stupid ‘Gun Free Zone’ stickers do on malls, libraries, and county courthouses.  The same people pushing for red flag laws may actually believe they’ve done something to rectify the cultural problem we’re faced with.  If pieces of paper and stickers on doorways did the trick, then we could easily obey the pieces of paper that outline the laws each of these people break in order to hurt others.  This idea a piece of paper will spare us harm is ludicrous, but moreover, it is extremely dangerous. 

After a red flag law is put in place, the public will let their guard down (assuming it was ever up) and go about their day under the false notion that all is well again.  They’ve expressed outrage, some Senator thought they could save us from ourselves and pick up some campaign fodder, and the executive office signed some garbage into law because they didn’t take the time to pause and use their brains, while instead listening to their precious policy advisors.  That’s often how law is made these days, by the way…  This process sends a message to the American people, “We listened and made you safer.”  But are we? 

I submit to you we are worse off, not better.  The piece of paper, the sticker on the door, or a politician running to get in front of the camera after a tragedy all offer the same thing – a LIE.  You’re not safer as a result of any of these things because we haven’t yet dealt with the core problem.  Faith, family, and community have been destroyed over the last 50 years in this country.  What can the political class be doing for you to truly help?  They can do two things and two only.  They can foster legislation and erect programs that allow Faith, family and community to flourish.  Next, they can get the heck out of the way and allow it to be shaped by the people who know best – the greatest generation would be where I’d start.  There are plenty of them left around and they know a thing or two about living and living rightly.  Maybe we should listen with their ears and look through their lenses. 

Get your family back in church.  And don’t always pick the easy churches because it interferes the least with your life.  Trust me, what you often want is rarely what you need.  Put yourself out of your comfort zone and donate your time to making meals for the poor of sustenance.  Get your kids in a church youth program or school program of some sort.  Talk with your children’s favorite teacher and ask where they think your child might best fit if you don’t already know.  When you see the neighbor’s woodpile knocked over, help him pick it up and restack it.  Volunteer to flip pancakes at the local firemen’s breakfast fundraiser.  Take a night once a week and turn off the electronics.  Play card or board games with one another.  Pull out a book or go to the library together once a week, if only for a short while. 

Each one of the things listed above you can do, and that’s barely scratching the surface.  The most important part of these vital exercises?  Involve a friend whom you know is hurting.  Engage a neighbor you know is having a rough patch.  Take your children along whenever you can.  This entire idea is based on growing in character together.  This is parenting.  This is exploring and shoring up your Faith.  This is community building.  This is love.  This is forgiveness.  No piece of paper or sticker will ever accomplish what these things do.  This is a generational alteration, not one born of the moment.  It takes time and perseverance to make a fundamental change.  And I promise you, just like the way America was built, this is the only way we will prosper moving forward.  We live in a time of instant gratification; thus, we’re dumb enough to think we can magically wave a legislative wand and cure the problems overnight.  That is fantasy, not reality. It took a long time to corrode our culture, so it’ll take more than a day to improve it.

More laws will not deter the lawless.  We must place a very personal touch on people so they don’t choose lawlessness.  Everyone reading this knows this to be a solid and profound truth.  The question now becomes, will you engage in character building, forgiveness, and love, or would you rather have the state attempt handling those three things on your behalf?

Michael Ware
Chairman – Iowa Firearms Coalition

You better be nice to me…

We’ve seen quite a few people, not just locally, that are quite willing to tell you they expect you to be ‘nice’ to them. I’m speaking specifically of the elected officials that threaten us all with taking from us rights, liberty, possessions, etc. “I’ll drop a nuke on you” or “If I were you, I’d start being nice to me” etc.

When you think about what things you can’t live without, and especially those things of which you’re completely intolerant being taken, that list tends to be long. Not only is that list long, but you’re all very passionate about the items on your lists.

For example… Most of the things that truly matter most to us can’t be held in the tangible sense. Can you live in a world without trust? What about a world without justice? Truth, honor, and fidelity? What happens when your world no longer contains those?

Without those vital things your world isn’t fit to inhabit, is it?

Now put yourself in the position of an elected official that seeks to take from indiscriminately and often, much of which is born of either spite or contempt for you simply because you’re different from them. What they’re robbing you of isn’t only your liberty and your freedom. They’re not just voiding trust and justice in our world. No. They’re placing themselves in the position to rob your core autonomy.

…And no red-blooded American seeks to take from another their autonomy for any reason when it falls in ethical and moral parameters.

When you hear any politician, regardless of their party, proclaim the virtues of something like the second amendment, and their sentence doesn’t end with a period, or better yet and exclamation point, you’re in trouble. Any statement made about the 2A that pauses with a comma, means they have footnotes, details, or circumstances in which they seek to deny you, in full or part, your autonomy.

People who support you and trust you and love you make blanket statements like, “I completely support the 2A” and then they shut their yaps. Anyone who follows it up with, “but I think we need to balance it with public safety” or “I also believe in common sense gun control measures” etc. tell you in no uncertain terms they actually have zero trust in you, they don’t support you, and they sure as heaven above and hell below don’t love you.

NEVER put yourself in a position to take another’s autonomy. NEVER support a person who does. NEVER shirk from an opportunity to call the person that does a pathetic excuse for an elected official.

After all, if they hold this level of disdain for you and your family, children, parents, friends, fellow parishioners, and Americans, do you want them in a position to control you? Call them out often and with vigor. Then vote them out…

The Second Amendment as a Litmus Test?

I found this troubling at first. But the more I contemplated it, the more it became clear the issues surrounding the Second Amendment are virtual “see through” scanning techniques for the rest of us to use as tools… I ended up coming to a realization I’d been flirting with but hadn’t been able to convey well. Let me explain:

Most of the political class hates being asked about anything “gun” related. Why? Because the issue itself is a looking glass into their core ideology. When ANY member of the political class isn’t truly energetic or enthusiastic about your ownership of this tool, they’re signaling you in no uncertain terms they have ZERO trust in you. None.

And when they place no trust in their constituents all while proving to you they’re quite willing to deny upholding the highest law of the land, The Bill of Rights, knowing they took an oath to obey and defend it, why would any of us ever trust them for any reason?

What you’ll hear from many of these folks are examples of side stepping. My own local House Representative does this frequently. He’ll use an example that because there are crazies out there, curtailment of inalienable rights is just. Think about that. He admits there is a danger present, and his response is to remove my defense against danger. That’s his plan? “Victim Creation through Legislation” should be his campaign slogan. When he speaks about how some people shouldn’t have this or that, what does that have to do with you and I?

Is there a compelling reason you and I are made to suffer for the actions of another?

The reason this doesn’t make sense to you and I is really quite simple. It isn’t about us. This has never been about you and I. It’s always been about a political class that doesn’t trust you and will peel you back a layer at a time until they think they can trust you. Think on that. What woeful existence would you need to occupy in order for a politician like this to trust you? Seriously. Read what Senator Celsi wrote and ask yourself what circumstance you’d need to inhabit in order to be worthy of her trust?

I don’t know much about Senator Celsi. But what I can tell you boils down to one confirmed thing. She doesn’t trust you. Any of you. You’ve broken no laws all while participating in the political process in an ethical manner. As a professional politician she’s either naive enough to assume you and I won’t notice her complete and total disrespect of every law abiding citizen, or her brutal honesty about her disregard for your basic civil and human rights shows how brazen she is towards the fact she’d prefer you didn’t exist. Possibly both.

With no small measure of irony, my friends and colleagues in the House and Senate Galleries yesterday were probably armed. The ironic part? We have a mindset she can never understand. When we make the conscious choice to wear a defense weapon, what we’re really saying is, “I’ll defend you as my own family.” It won’t matter who voted for what. We import “to save life is good” into every equation. …And in response she provides us all with the cruelest cut of all by stating she doesn’t trust any of us unless rendered innocuous…

From this point forward we should be using the 2A as a litmus test on every politician in every realm. If they can’t get the basics of trust and loving kindness right, you should not only fear them, but work actively to remove them from a place in which to rule you. When they don’t trust you, they intend to rule you whether they realize it or not… And is that good governance?

Worst advice I hear in my industry???

Worst advice? Man at gun counter in box store says, “Try this on. How does it feel?” I hate that one. I know a lot of really savvy and helpful folks working the counters, but ones that say that nonsense make the rest look bad. You’ll get used to the weapon with time as long as the controls and parts are situated correctly for the size of your mitts and your digits.
Worst action? “Veteran” shooter takes newbie out to the range and loads up some monster .44 rounds in his magnum wheelgun, snickers while watching, and tells his buddies about it for years… That one really starches my shorts. What they’ve done is potentially robbed somebody of their desire to join us. By extension, they’re rationally far less likely to ever go down the road of carrying for self defense and protection. I would never knowingly take that from someone, but those are the common ramifications for acting stupidly.
Runner up worst advice? “Get yourself something small and easy to conceal…” Ugh… Let’s pick the right weapon first, and we’ll figure out a way to conceal it second. That may seem odd, but it is a better order in which to place those two things. Besides, pocket rockets are like a frag going off in your hand anyway, so the idea someone new will go practice, take a class, or continue any kind of education with one of those is largely false…
There are more, but you guys catch my drift I’m sure…

Indianola PD and the Lip Sync…

I’ve known Rick for a lot of years now.  Yup.  Just as you’d think of a ‘typical’ cop here in Iowa…  Tall, white, tattoos, body builder, ultra type A personality, and ego somewhere between huge and monstrous…

Too few understand him though.  Sure, they know he has no shortage of opinions to offer, and he can be abrasive too.  But they miss the truth.  I think he really enjoys his job and likes being a cop in every sense of the word.  He can write citations, especially if you get belligerent.  He can settle your domestic dispute, or at least diffuse it.  He can pull you over for a broken tail light, regardless of your race.  He can grind your face in the pavement if you force him to.  But what too many miss is the true nature of a really good policeman is the desire to connect to those they seek to serve.

Rick likes those connections and he’s efficient and talented at forming them.  Those connections, and more importantly the interior desire to make, manifest themselves in a really great platform for civil servants.  I wish more folks would consider that when they reflect on our law enforcement as a whole.  Some may believe certain people wanted to get into the cop business for all sorts of reasons, but it usually boils down to a combination of connection and service.  Let’s treat them in a manner that honors the motivation to their job.

I loved this video he and his partner put together with a bunch of help from others.  Enjoy it.  If you smile, think about the fact you’re smiling at the energy and light-hearted side of a bunch of people that in other conversations you run down for enforcing policies some political class elite put in place.

There are some pretty good eggs out there folks.  Remember that always.  Godspeed guys!

Legal aid for the treasonous among our youth?!?!?!

Dick’s sporting goods, drops a legal and ethical product, alienates civil liberties, and hoists their flawed view of ‘reality’ onto everyone. Dick’s took your money and used it to browbeat you.
Yeti pisses on the people who built their company through purchases. It wasn’t the urban soccer folk buying their overpriced coolers that built the company. It was the hunting and outdoor community that falls squarely in 2A-ville USA. Yeti built a brand on the profit from your purchases and then dropped NRA in a political move, lied about it, and is still in the middle of a monster spin effort to stay relevant in the industry.
In contrast, we have Country Time Lemonade. They value their customers. You think they’ve ever sold enough tubs of powder to children for the specific purposes of lemonade stands in order to cover permit fees and fines? Hell no. Sure, they’re marketing this. Why shouldn’t they? They know no person with a soul would fine a little kid for a lemonade stand.  A lemonade stand builds character, teaches respect, interaction with adults, exchange of money for goods, quality control, and so on. In a culture that has kids buried in their phones, I’d love to see more lemonade stands.
If Dick’s and Yeti are going to take my money and use it against me, they can suck rope. If Country Time Lemonade is going to offer up a couple bucks here and there for the kids that get fined by the King for a card table at the edge of their driveway, I’m buying their product.
I’ll speak with my wallet. You should too.