Buy Ammo?


Do we really need to discuss this further? When the cowardly shooting at Sandy Hook became reality, the community was tossed into a cocked hat. And frankly, the market has been a mess ever since. Things are going to ebb and flow, and I question if things will stop rippling. There are tons more owners now, and the typical person who was not interested in firearms or the exercise of the 2A has become aware they’ve been lied to by progs and politicians.

The need and desire for more arms will continually fuel ammo buying.

My advice? Even if prices are high, you should buy some ammo to have for what you need – bare bones. Then, when you have the expendable income to buy more ammo and the price is ‘good’ then you better be doing it. I warned people two years ago to buy up some ammo because it was finally reasonable again, and then COVID hit, and people rioting, and all kinds of calamity. ….And prices shot up and folks bought everything they could find.

It used to be “buy it cheap and stack it deep” but things don’t look like that any longer. Instead, “buy what you can when you can…” 😉