You better be nice to me…

We’ve seen quite a few people, not just locally, that are quite willing to tell you they expect you to be ‘nice’ to them. I’m speaking specifically of the elected officials that threaten us all with taking from us rights, liberty, possessions, etc. “I’ll drop a nuke on you” or “If I were you, I’d start being nice to me” etc.

When you think about what things you can’t live without, and especially those things of which you’re completely intolerant being taken, that list tends to be long. Not only is that list long, but you’re all very passionate about the items on your lists.

For example… Most of the things that truly matter most to us can’t be held in the tangible sense. Can you live in a world without trust? What about a world without justice? Truth, honor, and fidelity? What happens when your world no longer contains those?

Without those vital things your world isn’t fit to inhabit, is it?

Now put yourself in the position of an elected official that seeks to take from indiscriminately and often, much of which is born of either spite or contempt for you simply because you’re different from them. What they’re robbing you of isn’t only your liberty and your freedom. They’re not just voiding trust and justice in our world. No. They’re placing themselves in the position to rob your core autonomy.

…And no red-blooded American seeks to take from another their autonomy for any reason when it falls in ethical and moral parameters.

When you hear any politician, regardless of their party, proclaim the virtues of something like the second amendment, and their sentence doesn’t end with a period, or better yet and exclamation point, you’re in trouble. Any statement made about the 2A that pauses with a comma, means they have footnotes, details, or circumstances in which they seek to deny you, in full or part, your autonomy.

People who support you and trust you and love you make blanket statements like, “I completely support the 2A” and then they shut their yaps. Anyone who follows it up with, “but I think we need to balance it with public safety” or “I also believe in common sense gun control measures” etc. tell you in no uncertain terms they actually have zero trust in you, they don’t support you, and they sure as heaven above and hell below don’t love you.

NEVER put yourself in a position to take another’s autonomy. NEVER support a person who does. NEVER shirk from an opportunity to call the person that does a pathetic excuse for an elected official.

After all, if they hold this level of disdain for you and your family, children, parents, friends, fellow parishioners, and Americans, do you want them in a position to control you? Call them out often and with vigor. Then vote them out…