Yeti takes a monster dump in it’s own picnic basket…

Let me test you. You ever heard a story like this before???

ACME Cooler Co. sells to outdoor people. Why do they sell to outdoor people? Because if their customers were always in their kitchens, they’d only need a refrigerator.

2nd Amendment Advocacy Group (2AAG) has a tremendous and engaged following of outdoor people. Why do they advocate for outdoor people? Because outdoor people can’t go to the shooting range in their kitchens.

ACME Cooler Co. and 2AAG have a long standing relationship that is mutually beneficial.

ACME Cooler Co. goes nutty and in an act of “cutting nose off to spite face” severs sales to 2AAG.

Outdoors people are outraged. ACME Cooler Co. suffers and enters the world of media and marketing spin to salvage their colossally ill-advised position.

Dozens of moral and ethical Cooler Companies fill the void. Outdoors people are pleased and invite ACME Cooler Co. to kiss them between the back pockets now realizing they can buy better for less.

2AAG continues the work on behalf of outdoor people and ACME Cooler Co. changes its name to STUPID Co.

*****The above is a true story. Only the names have been changed to protect the identities of the stupid and righteous.

Sometimes in the world, a company self-selects strife and turmoil.

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