NRA’s new Carry Guard – sound concept?

I didn’t realize this was such a buzz until I was speaking with Barry Snell, exec director of the Iowa Firearms Coalition, the day he left to attend the NRA Annual Meeting.  Apparently there’s been some pretty serious butthurt over folks like the USCCA being ‘dis-invited’ to the gig.

Personally, I haven’t delved into just how much of a problem this actually represents.  I don’t mean to sound snarky, but maybe this competition is good for the consumers.  Right?  I mean, seriously folks…  If NRA is offering a program that includes solid training and allows for insurance protection as a person who carries in defense, and it’s similar to the USCCA’s program, is that a bad thing for you and I?

Having been on the end of the bargain where you only have a single choice and the purveyor knows it, I rarely find myself smiling about the associated costs.  I could be completely naive too.  This may not impact pricing one iota.  However, more of the nation is carrying than at any point before, so the needs of those potential customers is present and evident.  Somebody should be filling that niche.

I’ll need to really dissect the coverage contents to be sure, but on the surface this stuff sounds pretty darned good to me.  I think I like it most of all because some government moron in a broom closest on the 3rd basement floor of a moldy old building didn’t decide to force, cajole, bully, regulate, or otherwise codify it down my throat.  This is personal responsibility showing itself to us all.  It’s from us, we asked for it, there’s a need, private sectors supplied it, and Uncle Sam didn’t force it.  I dig that…