Legal aid for the treasonous among our youth?!?!?!

Dick’s sporting goods, drops a legal and ethical product, alienates civil liberties, and hoists their flawed view of ‘reality’ onto everyone. Dick’s took your money and used it to browbeat you.
Yeti pisses on the people who built their company through purchases. It wasn’t the urban soccer folk buying their overpriced coolers that built the company. It was the hunting and outdoor community that falls squarely in 2A-ville USA. Yeti built a brand on the profit from your purchases and then dropped NRA in a political move, lied about it, and is still in the middle of a monster spin effort to stay relevant in the industry.
In contrast, we have Country Time Lemonade. They value their customers. You think they’ve ever sold enough tubs of powder to children for the specific purposes of lemonade stands in order to cover permit fees and fines? Hell no. Sure, they’re marketing this. Why shouldn’t they? They know no person with a soul would fine a little kid for a lemonade stand.  A lemonade stand builds character, teaches respect, interaction with adults, exchange of money for goods, quality control, and so on. In a culture that has kids buried in their phones, I’d love to see more lemonade stands.
If Dick’s and Yeti are going to take my money and use it against me, they can suck rope. If Country Time Lemonade is going to offer up a couple bucks here and there for the kids that get fined by the King for a card table at the edge of their driveway, I’m buying their product.
I’ll speak with my wallet. You should too.