First Blog Post here at CCA…

This is our first blog post.

I’ve been told a hundred times and I’ve read the same, that genuine content makes the difference in whether customers find value in you as a person and a company.  I believe this to be true.  A friend of mine continually says about the volunteer Second Amendment organization he runs that “we get real results by doing real things for real people” and the fact is, I think he’s spot on.

I, we, at Controlled Chaos Arms really want the opportunity to earn your business.  Equally, we want to retain it.  We are seeking to exceed your expectations.

A mistake can creep in from time to time, as that’s just the reality of any business.  How those problems are resolved goes to the question of character.  Character whether within an organization or business is the sum total of the people within it.  I believe we have some great people and I’m proud to work alongside them.

Our goal and intent for this blog is to provide you with thought provoking content.  We truly are hoping to continually provide you narrative, videos, and still pictures that help you consider things more thoroughly, inform you, and/or provide you with ideas.

As we expand this concept it would be logical to see a few twists and turns until we settle into a blend of fun from our side and value from your perspective.  After all, if we’re not having some fun, where is the sense in continuing to do it?

Thanks in advance for your time, energy, and most of all your patronage of CCA.