Controlled Chaos Arms offers a long line of purpose built weapons for your needs. Home or abroad we can build or supply you with mission specific weaponry and support to get the job done. Reliable. Durable. Accurate. CCA.


Controlled Chaos Arms is an FFL Type 07 Manufacturer with an SOT II.  As a firearms manufacturer, CCA sells, services, and custom builds all manners of NFA weapons.  Our capabilities include:


-Custom built weapons
-Factory weapons
-Suppressors, SBRs, SBSs, Automatic Weapons, etc.
-Refinish and restoration of foreign and domestic weapons
-Kit builds and Weld-ups




Suppressors have become a large part of the NFA market. We offer all the top suppressors on the market to individuals, agencies, and departments. Suppressor purchases and transfers to Law Enforcement are painless but require paperwork. Individual ownership of suppressors is more regulated and paperwork intensive.  If you’re a first time suppressor owner, read this for the basics:

COMING 7-20-2016


SuppressEd by SilencerCo
(suppressor ownership information)


Purchasing as an Individual by SilencerCo – link
SuppressEd Guide for Individuals – pdf


Purchasing as a Trust by SilencerCo – link
SuppressEd Guide for Trusts – pdf


5320.4 July 2016 ATF FORM 4 – pdf


5320.23 NFA Responsible Person Questionnaire – pdf


OK… Here’s the “CCA Suppressor Deal” from all of us here at Controlled Chaos Arms. This is the bargain you’ve been waiting for.  We’re putting the finishing touches on this with the leadership at IFC, but I can give you a snippet so you know what the deal is…  These are the ways to buy and save:

-Buy from us via the link we provide through silencershop using the “buy local” and we waive your xfer fee completely.

BUY LOCAL – Controlled Chaos Arms powered by Silencer Shop

-Transfer fee is $75 ordinarily, so if you’re a member of IFC, NRA, or the ASA, take off $25 for EVERY ORG you’re a member of when you transfer your suppressor to CCA. So if you’re a member of all three orgs, you’re transfer would be free. We’ll obviously help you with the form 4 and the submittal.

-Lastly, we’ll be doing a rimfire suppressor in a bulk order. It’ll be engraved with the IFC logo on it. These we’ll be selling at standard mark up with a twist… We’re only keeping enough money to cover the transfer cost to you as the consumer. Roughly $25… The entire balance will go directly to the IFC-PAC (Iowa Firearms Coalition Political Action Committee) and be used for electioneering. Stay tuned for the specific suppressor we have chosen. If there is interest we may entertain another can for the same deal. We’ll just play it by ear…

So, just like always, we want to put forward a way for you to get what you want and also help fund and drive membership towards the organizations that made and continue to make law changes like this possible. The other thing some of this does is help you contribute regardless of whether you’re in or out of Iowa.

This three way method of savings lets you buy directly from us for any can you need. We’re a dealer for nearly every can company and have been for years. This lets you buy through us via silencershop as well. This lets you buy from a third party and have your cans shipped in. This lets you take advantage of savings all while supporting the three membership driven organizations that provided Iowa this great iron clad law.


BUY NOW by contacting us directly or you can use the link below to the Silencer Shop.  When you use this link, all your suppressor purchases will automatically be sent to CCA on a form 3 (dealer to dealer).  When your suppressor arrives we can transfer it to you on a Form 4 from ATF.  You can even facilitate the form 4 transfer from CCA to you through Silencer Shop.  Here’s the link:

BUY LOCAL – Controlled Chaos Arms powered by Silencer Shop

Before shipping your project to CCA, please fill in the form below and a CCA representative will contact you back with further information:   Open Work Order Form  





Controlled Chaos Arms offers onsite maintenance programs for law enforcement and private collections. CCA comes to you, performs the work, and provides an independent record of the inspection for your records. Learn more about our program by downloading our pdf – HERE.


For more than 100 years FN Herstal and the Herstal Group have successfully equipped generations of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. The FN solid reputation can be attributed to rigorous professional ethics, ongoing effort to achieve foremost quality and commitment to efficient service and outstanding customer support. Every weapon FN builds proudly bears the FN oval, a mark that represents more than a century of experience making the finest weapons in the world.

Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT) was founded in 1908 to provide the US Military, Law Enforcement and government agencies the high quality weapons, components, and modular weapon systems. Since the beginning, the LMT mission has been to meet their customer’s expectations of quality, price and delivery of precision machined parts, weapon systems, assemblies and engineering services. The LMT product fits squarely in the center of the Controlled Chaos Arms business structure. Working closely with LMT helps CCA offer the customer high quality and high volume in one reliable package.


CCA 2018-2021 FFL

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