Brassless ammo?

Who would have thought it?  Well I did.  …And since I’m typically not the first guy to think of the hot new idea, that means others are well ahead of me.  I’ve had friends reloading the steel cases you see loaded freshly from brands like Wolf for a number of years.  They’re careful and they inspect things thoroughly.  The people all say the same things.  “We pick them up with magnets, we’re careful about our reloading procedures, we don’t max pressures, etc. and we get along fine…”

So will a two piece nickel/aluminum-stainless steel case do the trick?  I say, why not try it?  The claims include:


  • Stronger, cheaper and half the weight of brass.
  • Greater corrosion resistance.
  • More internal volume.
  • More consistent ignition.
  • +P velocities without +P pressures.
  • Cases won’t stretch, no trimming required.
  • Withstands 40 or more reloadings.
  • Picks up with a magnet.
  • Can be anodized different colors for instant ID.

I’ve gotta tell ya…  That’s a fine list of attributes.  The most common thing I hear from people who poo poo the reuse of steel cases?  “It’ll wear your dies out quickly…”  I have to ask you guys, when was the last time you wore out a die?  So if I only get 150K rounds out of a resizing die that costs $20, am I really at a disadvantage?  I’d say not.  Granted, I just yanked that number out of the sky, but you get my point.

Read this article.  I think I’m ready for a better mouse trap.  What about you?

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