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My best friends, the McKnight family, dating back to the time we were in high school, have been an integral part of our lives for these many years.  My daughter and Mira McKnight were ‘besties’ as well.  Mira was stricken with a brain tumor that took my friends for a tremendous voyage.  I don’t like it when people say things like, “she lost the battle with cancer” as I honestly don’t think it sums the circumstances properly.  Her fight and determination over her time fighting cancer wer inspirational, as were the many who joined her in solidarity.  Few people, let alone kindergarten age girls, have managed to provoke the kinds of granite influence I experienced during and since her illness.  I was witness to a beautiful thing and it transformed me.  While I wish often she’d stayed, I take tremendous comfort knowing she’s with the Lord.  I’ll see her again one day.

I watch the video below often.  To know that her favorite team took on her fight as their own was really tremendous for the family and motivating for the rest of us.  I look for ethics first when I meet new people.  Typically, it can be said that ethics drive things like character and action.  If you watch this video take that into consideration and ask yourself if you see exceptional character and the honing of one’s ethical endeavors.  I see both present in these students and athletes at the University of Nebraska.  It’s truly an example of what we can be for others.  Somewhere sometime somebody encouraged us to be salt and seek light.  I enjoy watching videos like this as fuel for those two mandates.

I miss you Mira.  Thanks for helping me realize why I’m here.          -Michael